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Unicorn Dreams ( Zendoole stitch) 1


I have a new project to practice my embroidery stitches on. I’ve chosen pink, mauve & yellow to work in.  If it works out well I might make it into a cushion for our granddaughter ( hence the pink)

Here’s my progress 

I’m attempting to practice covering up all those black lines & getting smooth edges. 

It’s quite a fun design, isn’t it. 


Dragonfly cushion 


I’ve completed more along the top. Back to school has been very tricky, wrong time tables , rooms, lost students & students in your lesson not on your list, but it is good to be back in many ways. It feels like I didn’t have a holiday & it’s only one week back. I get my day off this week & I have less lessons to teach, it is probably going to be nicknamed ‘short week’. I have baseline tests to mark this week. Welcome back !

What’s on my frame.


Canvas stitches, still working through them, I have now turned the frame round & started working on the other end, I have only done a couple to nothing much at that end yet. 

My school planner is finished & I’ve been doing a fair amount of planning this week

Yes the school bags are out Luna is guarding them. Next week I’m in school every day ( I have training on my day off☹️). She will be watching at the window all next week for me to come home, the second week she won’t even bother to get up & see me off & by the end of September she will know my work pattern better than me. 

School planner :1


I’ve finished the front cover, of my teacher planner, I’ve got a smaller A5 one this year, so I need a new one🤗. I’m now working on the back. 

Still tidying in doors, the oddest things found in the Kitchen, was several packets of gate fixings ( hooks & eyes) & geology rock sample. I’ve decided to set a side a small cupboard for his wheat/ gluten containing things, to try & cut down on cross contamination.  I’ve been tidying all over the house, getting rid of lots of clutter. I might even be tidy in each room!!