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One Year wiser wk8


I thought this weeks was quite apt, with all my prep for new courses, that started in September. I just hope I have done enough to keep my head above the water for the next term.  I do like change I think it keeps things fresh & up to date.  I went into teaching because no 2 days would ever be the same, even though I can in essence teach the same thing 3 times in the same week, it’s never the same, you change & adapt to the class. Perhaps this is why I still write on the board with a pen. Yes I use power point, video clips & cute animation, but not all the time. I love practical work too. Kids love the simple things, like putting a diffraction grating over the lens of your phone camera & taking pictures ( great physics & lots of fun) , if you want to do at home use the card board rainbow  glasses for looking at lights that are often around for Christmas.  

Here’s our dining room lights. 

However, I feel at the moment I have too much change, it should be gradual & not all at once. 

One year wiser: wk 4


A nice simple one this week. 

The sentiment on this one rings so true for many I teach physics too at GCSE, only its around maths. When l pick up new groups I find I’m spending loads of time “saying you can do this”, “you have a calculator”, “it’s only simply maths honestly!” It was fantastic to see theyear 11 group  I took over mid course’high fiveing’ each other because they understood what to do & got it right. 

This reminds you why you teach. 

My Teacher planner


This year I’ve taken the time to make a cover for my teacher planner. It’s made out of felt, lucky the rectangles were exactly the right size for the front & back. I made a handy pocket on the front for perhaps as small note book or I may add some stitching lines & turn it into a pen minded. 

The cover flaps will make hand pockets of all those bits of paper I loose throughout the year. The last few years I’ve added stickers so I can recognise mine, as our school insists on everyone having the same colour.  I like to be different so I customised mine. 

Clangers Cake Topper


Mum very kindly knitted these clangers for the top of my friend & fellow physics teachers special birthday day.  

Clangers enjoying the sun before going to school

Yes that is cake in the ‘class room ‘ , we have cleaners that insist on using bleach every day! One thing you can say about school is its clean! The science department enjoyed afternoon tea hosted by physics ( well, me mostly)

  The clangers will find a new home in our main lab or class room, keeping Einstein & our particle zoo,company.  I’m sure they will be spotted by the girls over the coming weeks. 

Mutant Spider


Found in a cupboard in our physics lab, living next to the radioactive sources , one friendly slightly radioactive mutant spider. Just like students prefers the dark. Likes to hunt for chocolate & cake.
Actually, made for my friend & fellow physics teacher, I’ve got her a spider (& bug) vacuum as a little Christmas gift. She hates spiders, we like to get something small or silly we would not normally buy.

School centenary quilt


The school quilt is finally finished, it’s been about a year since the start of the project.
I chose the Dresden plate block as your school badge is an aster. Our school colours are purple & green ( yes that’s right suffragette colours) with blue & white.
As you probably realise it’s a girls grammar school ( although we have a few boys in the sixth form)

Mum & I have mainly worked on the quilt, although a few members of staff & sixth form ( mainly my physics set) put some quilting stitches in.
I’m really happy with the finished result. The last time the staff saw it we were quilting round the blocks. I just hope they like it at school, & all the hard work will be worth it.
Please excuse the photos the only place I could find to place it in good light was the conservatory sofa.

Geek-along: Harry Potter: Hufflepuff


It’s been back to school/ work this week! So I thought the Harry Potter block completed while on vacation would be appropriate. I’ve hardly had time to think this week, only one development day ( meeting day without kids) then a gradual on start over Tuesday & all years in on Wednesday. I’ve already been a rebel this week & let my year 7’s (11yrs old) light Bunsen burners! A quote from one of my new keen year 7’s ” I told my Mum I carried ‘fire on a stick’ & lit a Bunsen burner & it was awesome !”
For those of you who are not science teachers ‘fire on a stick’ is a lighted splint, bless. I still haven’t even met all my classes yet, but I have some really great girls this year again. A few have already said next week I’ll show you what I made over the holidays, so will look forward to that.
Today is craft day for me, ( leave school stuff to tomorrow) now what shall I do first?

Waves display in our physics lab


If you have ever wondered what we physics teachers get up to when our exam classes leave, here one of the answers. We update our displays.
The display is for lower school & GCSE on the topic waves. We have used mirror board to represent mirrors & glass blocks, with coloured card for the rays & angles. For those who are not up to date with your physics ( from left to right) reflection & periscope , refraction, semi circular block showing refraction, total internal reflection ( used for fibre optics etc) & the critical angle ( the angles of rainbows & sparkly gems)
It’s still not quite finished yet, I’m waiting for year 8 to make the title & labels.
The girls seem to love it already & have been busy watching our progress.
The two fabric panels have been up since Feb, the girls really love them too.
Perhaps that’s why physics is becoming so popular at our school.