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Welsh Beauty an update


My hand quilting is still progressing.


My dress is finally finished


Yes , Mum took pity on me & finally finished the zip. It’s been quite a while that Betty has been wearing it & I have been taking photos of shawls draped around her.  I’m not even sure where the pattern is??  Tomorrow I think I will wear it to school. 

😁Thanks 🙏 Mum 😘🌹🌹

Happy Christmas


Just wishing everyone a Happy Christmas. 


And you are all invited for a virtual slice of Christmas cake. 

Stephen thought these angels were Christmas versions of Dr Who’s weeping angels, so I could not resist writing don’t blink on the cake.  

Stephens ABC picture is still a work in progress, all will be revealed on Sunday with my SAL update post, but I may have it finished by the new year. 

Dachshund door hangers


I made Mum & Dad a couple of fragranced door hangers. 

These are from Luna. That’s another couple of things finished. 

We gave them to M&D today, they really liked them. 

I got the pattern for Christmas jumper dachshunds from Esty, but the pattern has no obvious link on it. 

Happy Christmas crafting. Still got a few things to finish. 

My Teacher planner


This year I’ve taken the time to make a cover for my teacher planner. It’s made out of felt, lucky the rectangles were exactly the right size for the front & back. I made a handy pocket on the front for perhaps as small note book or I may add some stitching lines & turn it into a pen minded. 

The cover flaps will make hand pockets of all those bits of paper I loose throughout the year. The last few years I’ve added stickers so I can recognise mine, as our school insists on everyone having the same colour.  I like to be different so I customised mine.