I’ve been decorating again this week, the stairs are finished, they were hard work 😓. Luna seems to think they have changed height & is not sure about them. I’ve put a non slip mat at the bottom for her, so she doesn’t hurt her back. Flooring to finish. I think we might be almost done with this phase of decorating. Why are you always left with a couple of baskets of detritus, too good/ useful/ needed ; but with no home 🤔.

My embroidery journey


To celebrate world embroidery day I thought I would share my embroidery journey with the RSN ( Royal school of needlework).

Jacobean crewel work

I kicked off the journey with Jacobean, the biggest challenge was using 2 colour families & a contrast colour. I enjoyed the different stitches.

Canvas work

My second piece getting to grips with canvas stitches, I enjoyed working the sky, I had to get permission to use tiny beads to represent stars. The subject was a nod to my astronomy/physics background.

Basic gold work

Then on to gold, my first attempt at working with gold, looking forward to designing the advanced gold work ( perhaps next year?)

Basic silk shading

I did enjoy this one, but not the holes in my fingers, from the tiny size 12 embroidery needles ( I’m struggling with this for my advanced version, still a work in progress, I started before lockdown 1😔) the cyclamen was the final piece of the certificate.


My favourite piece so far, so many techniques. I needed nerves of steel to cut out those wings, but it was fun.

I’m still working through the diploma, the white work is complete except for the hem, I starting to work on my silk shading (Luna) just before the first lockdown (it’s been off & on for so long)& I started Blackwork during the second lock, because I couldn’t juggle all the silks needed & Blackwork only needed a few different threads, therefore much easier to pack away, as the studio was used to teach online for school.

I’m throughly enjoying not being a school teacher & having a bit of a break, until I reclaim my health, redecorate the house & remodel the house. Finally I might even get as far as running the business I’ve been thinking about for so long.

Return of the white quilt!!!


Since May we have been having a grand tidy up here, attempting to make space & reduce stuff ( or as non craft people call it clutter). I or rather we have loads of it😓. I would well meaningless buy something I really wanted to make in the school summer holidays, but it never really happened ( teaching & school always got in the way ), hence I have boxes of UFO’s. Each time I open a box, I find a new craft or stuff waiting to be rediscovered. It’s quite exciting 😁

This white quilt was found in a storage box behind the 🛋, the centre had been half completed & now it’s three quarters complete 😁👍. It’s a nice mindless activity for the evening or when I’m really not feeling well, it also stops me snacking in the evening.

Sorry it’s so screwed up, you would be if you had been squashed in a box, for possibly 5 years??. The instructions say the blue markings are washable & I think they might become permanent. I’m so glad it’s printed & I am able 🤞to finish it🤞🤞

Are you festival ready?

Summer sunshine patchwork dress

Doesn’t she look like she should be off to a summer festival?

All she needs is a pair of wellies, a sun hat & a Boho crochet bag to complete her look to cope with everything the British weather can through at her.

This is the latest pattern release from the Summer creative box for the Luna Lapin series by Sarah Peel of Coolcrafting.

Setting up my slate frame.


A new project is always exciting,

The materials needed

I have the centres of my frame marked to speed up the process.

Pin from the centre
Stitch each side, with some overlap
Then completely the other side,

Next comes the tricky bit, especially now I have dodgy joints, putting my foot on the frame to tension it

Tensioned frame

Now to work on the side tension

Sewing the webbing on each side
Scary bracing needle in action, ( try not to stab your leg!!!)

Finally you tighten the strings, until it is as tight as a drum.

Read & waiting for my fabric to arrive

This morning my fabric arrived, the possibilities are endless

My new fabric