Garden Tiger Caja Wooly Bear caterpillars 


Here are the little ‘punk’ dudes, they are certainly living up to their woolly bear name, aren’t they. Don’t worry I did give them more food. They are busy eating all the dandelions in my garden, it’s getting harder to find some. My garden will soon be dandelion free. 

All the High brown fritillaries are now pupae 

They have been moved to their net cage ready for hatching. So watch this space. 

I’m getting tempted to order some more caterpillars, I will have to see what’s on offer & what I can easily feed. 

Time for another Caterpillar update. 


Firstly the High Brown fritillary caterpillars 

By Sunday evening we have two making silk hammock on the lid of their container. 

By Monday morning they were hanging downwards. I was privileged to see the first one form part of its pupae case. It was fascinating to see it swing round & round. I still do not know how it did not fall off. 

On Tuesday we have two pupae & by today I have others starting the process. 

I also have a second bunch of caterpillars, garden tiger Cana woolly bears ( moth), I have had these for around two weeks 

They are so furry, I can see why they are known as woolly bears. 

SAL: April update


Another one finished. I’m now going across to the other side & working my way round, to join back up

Here’s my progress so far. 

If you would like to visit the other members of the group please click on the links below, if you would like to join the group please contact Avis.