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Twirls & Swirls: Beaded scissor keeper


I’ve finished my scissor keeper, it was a kit by Lorna Bateman. I added the ribbon to make sure the expensive gold work scissors did not go missing or get used for other things.

I designed the back my self.

I still have the thimble keeper to make, I thought it might be good to keep the beeswax in. I have another couple of Lorna Bateman kits waiting too.

Beaded tiara ?


I had a fun time with this, it really is just a very pretty hair band. 

I also can’t wait for this hayfeaver season to be over, even though we’ve just had another storm, all it’s done is bring the pollen down & now I’m sneezing more. 

Christmas Pudding bauble


Another piece of Christmas pudding anyone?
I enjoyed making this one the beaded net enclosing the bauble is a little tricky.
I still have another couple of bauble kits left to make but they are not especially Christmassy , as I’m leaving up my wishing tree this year ( for seasonal decorations ) I thought I might make them later. As I have received several lovely kits for Christmas & some tools with the wire & jig to play around with.
Unfortunately I did not complete all my marking before Christmas so I had really better think about doing that, before the end of the holidays catch up with me.

Emperor Bauble


This bauble has been a challenge, fairly easy to make but all the fringes get tangled. I love the finished product. Another spellbound beads bauble finished I only have another 2 to do, I under estimated the time to complete or over estimated the my spare time, I’m not sure which.
I still have a Harry Potter birthday cake to make this afternoon ( as it was Becky’s 21st in Nov while she was at uni) ice tomorrow as they are coming on Boxing Day. We cut into the fruit Christmas cake yesterday, very nice too, may I offer you all a piece ( yes Mum I will bring some slices along this afternoon)
Happy Christmas
LucyAnn & Luna.