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Felt Angel Stocking


I have finally finished my kit, it was started before the new Millennium, when I was visiting by Mum & Dad in Atlanta. Mum took me to Michaels for the first time, being from the UK I had never seen large craft stores on this scale. I got this in their Christmas in July event, again something I hadn’t seen before. I think that is why I remember where & when it arrived in my stash, it’s good to see it finally finished.

Now what next …. something new or something from the stash??🤔

Felt Christmas decorations


This year we decided on a pre lit pop up tree. I added some extra ribbon (like the more expensive version) but it still lacked some thing. I have been looking at the twelve days of Christmas felt decorations by Larissa Holland on Etsy & brought the pack of the first 3 ( this years offerings)

Partridge & pear (tree) are finished.

Beatrix Potter at Leeds Castle


Apparently I’ve had my little blog 3 years today. I would just like to thank everyone for following me, liking my posts & leaving me comments. I never thought I would have ‘blog friends’ three years ago. 

It was my day off, so we’ve been to Leeds Castle in Kent (UK), this year they are celebrating Beatrix Potter.

 ( lots of photos)

Her desk

Inside the potting shed

Jeremy Fisher in the court yard

The Taylor of Gloucester, do look for the mice near the sewing machine 

Mrs Tiggiwinkle

Squirrel Nutkin?

And finally Peter Rabbit.  

I just like these last two, finally looking back at her desk. 

I was an absolutely dismal day so no outside pictures, it was really unusual to be in these rooms on your own, it’s normally really busy, mind you as we were walking back a group of probably foreign students (on their way back to the ferry) passed us, so we were lucky. 

Christmas goodies 4


This weeks little presents added to the stash. I’ve started an Advent CAL with the rainbow yarn & now have some other ideas for the yarn, I may add some beads for extra sparkle.  Shawl pins are always handy, tea time & farm themed this week. 

I’ve also been busy finishing my presents for my lovely technicians, I show them later in the week, & decorating for Christmas. 

See I even have a token Christmas tree,’for the little people’, who have a problem with no Christmas tree.  We have a small but growing herd of reindeer in the front garden ( to anoy the neighbours).

Happy Christmas


Just wishing everyone a Happy Christmas. 


And you are all invited for a virtual slice of Christmas cake. 

Stephen thought these angels were Christmas versions of Dr Who’s weeping angels, so I could not resist writing don’t blink on the cake.  

Stephens ABC picture is still a work in progress, all will be revealed on Sunday with my SAL update post, but I may have it finished by the new year. 

Dachshund door hangers


I made Mum & Dad a couple of fragranced door hangers. 

These are from Luna. That’s another couple of things finished. 

We gave them to M&D today, they really liked them. 

I got the pattern for Christmas jumper dachshunds from Esty, but the pattern has no obvious link on it. 

Happy Christmas crafting. Still got a few things to finish. 

Another Kris


I’ve finished the 2nd Kris flower doll. ( pattern by Zabbez)

I think I’m getting a thing about sparkly yarn, but it’s Christmas. I put a mouth on the last one, I just have not got around to it yet. I’m making a 3rd one for my Mum using a deeper red yarn & cream in place of the white.  

Term finished yesterday I’m just glad to have made it too the end. Today I think I’m just going to rest & get on with my crafting, see what I can get finished. Make the Christmas cake , wrap the presents & have a general tidy up.