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Gold work Puffin update


Slowly progressing , I’ve finished working on the wing for now. It’s time to work on the area under the wing & the feet. I need to start thinking about giving him something to stand on, in the original photo I took my design from he’s standing on a rocky outcrop with sea pinks. Time to think about that too


Puffin wing


I managed to finish the lower wing bar today. Attempting the cut work through the carpet felt padding has been a nightmare. The thicker the padding is, the more unlikely you are to know where the needles will come out 😅. If your needle comes out in the cut gold it damages it. Too many cracks or damaged bits & you loose marks.

Anyway, I bent so many needles 🪡, I’ve had to order more. Cut work will be resumed once the needles arrive. Meanwhile, I have scattered chipping I can continue to work on.

Dragon jewellery

Beaded dragon necklace

I’ve been busy beading over the weekend. I’ve finished both the dragon necklace & bracelet kits from spellbound beads. I’m afraid I couldn’t get the bracelet into the fancy shape it suggested, so I wrapped it round my rolling pin. One does have to get creative, to form a wrap around bracelet.

Dragon bracelet & necklace

Having got it into shape, I then had to work out how it could be posted to the family in Scotland with out it ending up a squished mess. That’s when I remembered I had brought those round tissues for the car. My niece can use the tissues too, so a win, win situation.

Bee necklace


It’s taken me a while to finish my bee 🐝 necklace, it’s not my own design, it’s a kit/book from Spellbound beads. I did make a couple of changes, in the way I connected the hexagons together & added an extra small flower. It was a challenge to make, but I really enjoyed making it. I’m about half way through making the matching bracelet.

Wildflower collection


I finished some of the wild flower scarves for my stall on Saturday.

What do you think??

Red Poppies
Poppies & Cornflowers
Purple Peonies
Welsh Poppies & Convolvulus

It was easy putting these into a collection. I have the rest to think of names for & try to split into mini collections to display them.

I’m starting to get a bit nervous 😬, it’s the first time I will be putting my work in front of real face to face people.

New yarn


My undyed yarn has arrived from world of wool today. I’ve got two different types, the whiter one is Dorset long horn & the other is New Romney , I thought I would get something local. They have a certain sheepy smell, they do smell different from each other. There was a big choice of British wool, it’s difficult to know where to start. I’m thinking of dyeing three hanks of each colour way.

This week I’ve persuaded my husband to sort through his models & modelling stuff. He has so much squirrelled away in the loft, there are so many boxes coming down, I think it will be next week before I can even think about yarn dyeing. The good news is, it’s making me work of my Puffin embroidery.

Starting yarn dying


Today has been a learning day, I’ve channelled my inner science teacher, making 1% acid dye solutions & dying yarn. It was so much fun. I like that slow cooker much better now it’s been repurposed for yarn dying.

Hopefully the red & blue yarn will soon be done & they can join the others.

I’m hoping this might make me another sales line, it’s a bit different from the embroidery, quilts. It’s certainly easier on the fingers, although they are slightly multicoloured now ( yes I did wear gloves). What do you think?