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The Northern Lights


Back in August & September I had been working on different canvas stitches & a design from this picture

I have finally completed enough , to share with everyone. I have loads to do, as this piece is for my royal school of needlework certificate. Once I’ve finished the trees & sky, I have all the fancy top stitching to complete ( under the watchful eye of my tutors). I also have a border to do too, as I have lots of different stitches around the outside, to make a smooth finish around the outside, hence the line round the outside, rather than being set out with waste thread.


What’s on my frame.


Canvas stitches, still working through them, I have now turned the frame round & started working on the other end, I have only done a couple to nothing much at that end yet. 

My school planner is finished & I’ve been doing a fair amount of planning this week

Yes the school bags are out Luna is guarding them. Next week I’m in school every day ( I have training on my day off☹️). She will be watching at the window all next week for me to come home, the second week she won’t even bother to get up & see me off & by the end of September she will know my work pattern better than me. 

Geek blanket 


During my recent big tidy up I found some large double knitting squares, form a KAL a few years ago, I can’t remember who hosted it, but I only completed a small number of squares. 

Mum very kindly crocheted around the outside for me & made up the ‘geek blanket ‘ . Thanks Mum😁. Stephen thinks it belongs to him, but I’m sure Luna has been eyeing it up for winter. 

The squares are Cathulu, Dr Who, Harry Potter Huffelpuff, Marvel agents of shield, Batman, Harry Potter Ravenclaw, Star Wars, hitch hiker’s guide to the galaxy, Buffy.

Found projects


The school summer holidays are a time for sorting things out ( & prepping for next year😐, yes I made a start this week). 

Organising my craft & school space/ box room, I came across this project I must have started it about 10 years ago, I found at least another 3 tapestry kits ( enough said), this was the most completed, so I thought I would work on it, I think I may have worked on it a few years ago, when it last surfaced. 

I’m working on the top lilac at the moment. 

I also found a part finished quilt ( block a month) it looks like I might have all the fabric & instructions. I’ve probably finished about 1/3 , it needs part unpicking & then it would be Ok. So I’m still thinking about that one at the moment. 

Tomorrow I ‘do’ the kitchen 😲, it needs a real reorganise & tidying. Friday is bin & recycling day, so all the rubbish can go straight away. I wonder if I will find anything odd lurking in the back of the cupboards.