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Springfrost blanket part 2


Part 2 completed just as part 3 lands. I’m still keeping up with sewing in the ends 😀


Sunset meditation shawl


I recently finished my meditation shawl, it reminds me of beautiful sunsets & sunrises. It’s made from 2 yarn cakes of sheepjees whirl. I started from the centre of one & then worked from the outside in on the second one. It really is nice & cosy, but light & not too heavy. It also fits nicely around my meditation cushion, to carry to my meditation group.

New yarn


My undyed yarn has arrived from world of wool today. I’ve got two different types, the whiter one is Dorset long horn & the other is New Romney , I thought I would get something local. They have a certain sheepy smell, they do smell different from each other. There was a big choice of British wool, it’s difficult to know where to start. I’m thinking of dyeing three hanks of each colour way.

This week I’ve persuaded my husband to sort through his models & modelling stuff. He has so much squirrelled away in the loft, there are so many boxes coming down, I think it will be next week before I can even think about yarn dyeing. The good news is, it’s making me work of my Puffin embroidery.

Summer blanket

Shell stitch crochet blanket

Spending this evening crocheting away at another blanket to sell, once I’ve managed to get started. The business side of things is very much baby steps, with a lot going on in the background.