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Summer blanket

Shell stitch crochet blanket

Spending this evening crocheting away at another blanket to sell, once I’ve managed to get started. The business side of things is very much baby steps, with a lot going on in the background.

Pretty crochet tie backs


Recently I have been busy working on a makeover for our conservatory. Now I still have a little bit of time & it still takes me a while to recover, I started crocheting little flowers & leaves. I made up my own pattern for the tie back. Each one is slightly different ( hope my MIL doesn’t visit it will drive her nuts)😁.

Irish Rose Doily


My first make of the year 😃. I thought I would use up some of my crochet cotton stash, I thought it would take up less space as a doily, & make possible presents later on in the year. I’m using Doilies in Colour from Annie’s crochet, a book I had purchased a few years ago, but never got around to making any.