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Cupcake blanket almost there 


I’ve finished the main body of the blanket, it’s turned into quite a monster! It’s difficult to lay flat. I’m now working on the boarders, I hope to finish it soon. 


Merry Christmas 


My first gluten free Christmas cake. I wonder what it will be like? This will be our first gluten free Christmas. 

We found my beaded Christmas tree in the loft, I finally brought a dome. I dusted it off & rehung the decorations. 

My final technicians present, a silk & wool mix cowl. 

Luna & I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas & New Year. 

Nidhogg shawl


I’ve finished & blocked another shawl, the Nidhogg shawl by knackered psycho. 

It has an unusual texture & an asymmetrical shape , like a dragons wing.  Apparently Nidhogg was a Norse dragon, who chewed the root of the world tree, seemingly gnawing at the corpses of the most undesirable villains of Norse society at the same time. 

It will soon be finding at new owner, when I catch up with my friend at the weekend.