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Dachshund project 


Look her new project looks like me! I do like to take her scarf & take it too my bed. 

She has a new project case & frame, it’s too big & I can not get my head on her lap, if it comes to it I will have to gnash those wooden structures, when she is not looking.  I do like the colours, it is the same colour as me. 


SAL: July update


It’s been a long three weeks & apart from finishing my Jacobean piece for the royal school of needlework, I haven’t done much, ( that’s apart from school stuff, kids reports mainly, I do not understand why one kids report is ok, and another’s is not, what do I know, I teach physics!) , it did get me down in the end. It’s done now, & I will move on.

I managed to get a little stitching done after Claire’s reminder appeared. I only have one more to complete after this one.

If you would like to visit the other members of the group please click on the links below, if you would like to join the group please contact Avis.

Game of thrones: the beginning 


This strange piece of stitching is the enormous game of thrones marathon cross stitch picture my ‘sweet’ husband liked & ordered. He even helped order the fabric & silks, partly due to the ‘hissy fit’ I had when I saw the size of it!!! 

I have worked out if I do 200 stitches a day for the next 2 yrs it will be finished !!! LOL like that will happen!

I have been putting off starting it for at least 6 or more months. It has now made it on to the work in progress pile. I might rename it fifty shades of grey, as there are 3 different colours used so far & I can hardly tell the difference.

Anyway he seems happy I’ve finally started it.