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Luna is finished

Silk shading of Luna

After 2 & a bit years I finished stitching Luna this morning 🤗. It’s been a long journey & there have been times, I’ve nearly given up, worked on other modules, I’m so happy the stitching is complete. I now have to mount her, get my paper work done & get her in for the summer assessment period.

Dachshund project 


Look her new project looks like me! I do like to take her scarf & take it too my bed. 

She has a new project case & frame, it’s too big & I can not get my head on her lap, if it comes to it I will have to gnash those wooden structures, when she is not looking.  I do like the colours, it is the same colour as me. 

One year wiser :wk 12


I’ve also been working on Stitch, Stop & Roll Afghan by crochet crowd. The pattern is available from yarnsprations, I couldn’t find a suitable stockist for the Bernat yarn suggested, so I’ve gone for Caron super soft, it really is soft & I’ve used it before. 

I have one more colour to add, a paler blue. It’s a lovely textured pattern at the moment, the hexagons look as if they will be quite large, as I’m only about to start row 8 of 19.

Luna is looking a little dejected this morning as its raining again, if you look carefully she’s wagging her tail ( it’s blurred), she refused to move so I could lay my blocks out & just rolled over a bit. She is also getting a little fed up with me, about the continued exam scrip marking ( which is finished) & the report writing phase that follows. I had a change of project as those circles are so complicated, to work around the school stuff at the moment. 

One Year wiser: wk 6


Luna & I wish everyone warm wishes, peace & happiness for the coming week. 

My Dad is out & I am waiting for him to come home. I need lots of sympathy as my paw is still poorly & my eye is weepy because I keep rubbing my head in Mums flowers & bushes.  I also wish she would put the heating back on this radiator is cold now!

Rose shawl finished at last


I’ve finally finished, I laid the shawl on a towel on the floor & Luna takes centre stage.

Luna drives a hard bargain when being persuaded to move.
Finally the shawl without Luna.

The shawl was made from Manos Lace, which is a blend of baby alpaca, silk & cashmere made by Manos de Uruguay a non profit organisation bringing economic & social opportunities to rural women in Uruguay.