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Dachshund project 


Look her new project looks like me! I do like to take her scarf & take it too my bed. 

She has a new project case & frame, it’s too big & I can not get my head on her lap, if it comes to it I will have to gnash those wooden structures, when she is not looking.  I do like the colours, it is the same colour as me. 

Canvas stitches


My next royal School of needlework module is canvas work, I have a few ideas, but before I start designing I thought I would try out some stitches, on some spare canvas. 

Left to right they are; Slanted Gobelin, Byzantine, scotch & condensed scotch. ( in the book I’m using)

I have many more to try out!!

SAL & Jacobean crewel work


Instead of working on my zodiac sampler along side my piece of work for the royal school of needlework, I have been concentrating on finishing my crewel work & attempting to get it into this times assessment phase or at least finished so I can start my next piece in September.  The bunny is almost finished, he needs an eye & a little definition on his nose.  I’m not happy  with yellow & purple leaf & the stitch the tutor suggested, it looks too bulky & fluffy for me so it’s coming out, & back to my original idea.

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