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Gold work 2


I’ve put the front leg into my practice piece.

Luna likes to make herself really comfy

Just catching a few rays. Perhaps I could attach solar cells & she could work while she sleeps.


Preparing for gold work


For my next module with the royal school of needlework I have chosen gold work. As I have not had much experience of working with gold thread, I thought it would be a good idea to try it out. I copied my design on to a spare piece of silk, & I have been working on the felt padding before, the real thing, there are four layers of felt under that hare.

Layers 1&2

I hope it’s ok & I can get started on the ‘best’ one. I was asked to come up with a name it’s going to be known as the ‘Hoo Hare’ , from the Hoo peninsula in Kent (UK).

Gold work preparation


As some of you know I’m working my way through the royal School of needlework’s certificate in technical hand embroidery.

My canvas work is coming to a close now, so it’s time to prep for the next module, I’ve chosen gold. I’ve never worked with gold threads before, I’m slowly improving, the second teardrop is much better than the first.