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Swiss garden


We’ve been out & about, after a walk round the aeroplanes at the Shuttleworth Collection (UK) , we had a walk around the Swiss garden.

I have no idea what this tree is but it’s leaves have so much texture

The garden has a little Swiss Cottage at its centre

A tiny chapel

Yes, a rare photo of me.

With stained glass

Further round the walk we came to a grotto, I do not remember it from our previous visit, so it must be a more recent restoration

More beautiful stained glass

We carried on exploring to find a gem of a little shelter, while it rained, making it very humid

I’ve certainly gathered a lot more embroidery inspiration

The vintage aeroplanes & vehicles were nice too, but for me it was the garden. Unfortunately we’re didn’t see the elusive peacocks, we saw a tail in the distance.


Out & about at RHS Hyde Hall (UK)


We decided to visit the craft fair at Hyde Hall today, I was extremely good & didn’t buy anything.

I managed some wildlife photography, a little mouse watched us eat our sandwiches, but skittered back into the bushes as soon as I picked up my phone.

I now have plenty of ideas for the front garden makeover, I think it’s going to take a while. As currently our front garden is a huge holly tree & box, that has attracted box caterpillars, so is starting to look rather unattractive. Oh & quite a few weeds.

And finally some more wild life photography. The sun shone & we had a lovely day out. I didn’t buy any plants either, but loads of ideas.

Luna’s Garden tour & another cake


It’s been wet here, everything is growing,  just right for ‘hunting’ in the undergrowth, not that I’ve found anything yet!

Here’s my favourite flowers

We have lots of clematis out, there are deep purple ones on the outside of the fence

The roses smell real nice, but many haven’t survived

I love wandering around in these yellow poppies & look at the size of those puddles, I will get my undercarriage wet. 

My mum made another gluten free cake today, with a recipe from Kate. 

Line zucchini cake 

It was rather tasty, I got to lick Mum’s plate. It didn’t taste of that veggie stuff at all, just lime cake. So I give it a paws up. 

Mini Beastie goes to Wisley


Today we took Mini Beastie on his first outing, I won mini Beastie back in February from Helen at craw craft beasties , but hadn’t got around to taking him out. 

Mini Beastie really enjoyed climbing in the alpine house. 

He found these flowers at the top of his climb

He then went on to the second Alpine house

He really enjoyed the mini flowers, they are just the right size for a Mini Beastie to have in his garden

Mini Beastie would like his own mini garden, now he has seen some inspiration. 



A simple colour pencil sketch

I’m not sure the perspective of the arch is correct. It could just be I’m better at drawing curves in one direction more than the other or the photo I used  is just at a strange angle???

Luna’s been a little unwell this week, she ate something that didn’t quite agree with her. Here she is recovering with Daisy & May

I did have a go at sketching her

This is as far as I got before she moved. 

The Dog Violet has finally bloomed this year 

No your eyes are not playing tricks on you, that is Grannies old bird bath, tucked away in the back of the garden, it cannot seem to part with it.