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Saturday wildlife!


The ‘punky pillars’ or Garden Tiger Caja Woolly Bears are continually feeding & growing 

During the week the High Brown Firtillary pupae have hatched into beautiful butterflies 

This morning I managed to release some but 4 refused to come out of the cage or fly from my hand

Others will be released tomorrow morning. 

Luna & May made a small wildlife discovery in Mum’s garden this afternoon Luna: Hey May have you seen this?

May: what’s that , nose it a bit & see what happens 

Here’s what they were looking at

Baby spiders, yes Luna did nose it before we could hold her back

Yes those little spiders started moving in all directions! 


Easter Gardening 


We have been busy rebuilding the arches in the garden 

Plants have been taken outside to harden off

I’ve reported Stephen’s Lemon tree, I’ve picked a lemon & hope to turn it into a lemon drizzle cake. 

We had a new porch on the front of the house, as I do not have space for a greenhouse in the garden. I now have a small jungle 

My minature African Violets have arrived & are also living in the porch

We released the privet hawkmoth, it stayed on my hand for ages before flying off

Mum brought a lovely blanket back from holiday for me ( well that’s what Mum told me) Luna has taken it over. 

Once you have finished your gardening. We wish you a long rest ( like Luna) , Easter Blessings & a happy warm spring. 

Autumn colour & a return to geek-along


My ginkgo tree is now in full autumn colour.
A return to the geek a-long blanket : Cthulhu ( a green bug eyed octopus thing) it’s made from double sided knitting. The geek squares are available from lattesandllamas

I’m not a fan of horror, so I have no idea. Cthulhu is from a book by H P Lovecraft. The geek blanket is for my husband. This block has been waiting for me to put on to the blog, this week has been hectic at school, so I haven’t finished anything.

Solitary bee in the house wall


If you look carefully you can see the head of a solitary bee ( not sure which one), the hole is next to my wall mounted washing line, on Saturday I noticed a pupa case hanging out of the hole. Now the little guy seems to have taken up residence. I spotted another pupa case shell yesterday evening from another hole. The wall is east facing so he’s probably enjoying the morning sun, although I have just put him in the shade with my washing.