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Gold work Puffin update


Slowly progressing , I’ve finished working on the wing for now. It’s time to work on the area under the wing & the feet. I need to start thinking about giving him something to stand on, in the original photo I took my design from he’s standing on a rocky outcrop with sea pinks. Time to think about that too


Dragon jewellery

Beaded dragon necklace

I’ve been busy beading over the weekend. I’ve finished both the dragon necklace & bracelet kits from spellbound beads. I’m afraid I couldn’t get the bracelet into the fancy shape it suggested, so I wrapped it round my rolling pin. One does have to get creative, to form a wrap around bracelet.

Dragon bracelet & necklace

Having got it into shape, I then had to work out how it could be posted to the family in Scotland with out it ending up a squished mess. That’s when I remembered I had brought those round tissues for the car. My niece can use the tissues too, so a win, win situation.

Bee necklace


It’s taken me a while to finish my bee 🐝 necklace, it’s not my own design, it’s a kit/book from Spellbound beads. I did make a couple of changes, in the way I connected the hexagons together & added an extra small flower. It was a challenge to make, but I really enjoyed making it. I’m about half way through making the matching bracelet.

All dyed up


I’ve been busy over the last few days getting the last of my silk & yarn dyed.

I finished dyeing the last of my yarn this morning, and I finished painting the last of my silk yesterday

I tried 3 different colours on the flowers. I have 6 more scarves to hem. I’m not expecting to get them done ready for my stall on the 10th.

I have the admin bits to get on with now, and yarn names to think of. Any one else get stuck with names.

I much prefer the making bit.

Luna is finished

Silk shading of Luna

After 2 & a bit years I finished stitching Luna this morning 🤗. It’s been a long journey & there have been times, I’ve nearly given up, worked on other modules, I’m so happy the stitching is complete. I now have to mount her, get my paper work done & get her in for the summer assessment period.

Gold work Puffin: phase 1 felt padding

Final felt layer

Last week was a long week, I tested positive for Covid 😤 , today I’m negative 🥳, all except for a cough 😕. So other than a bit of crocheting & hand quilting very little got done. This morning, feeling much better I finished the layers of felt padding. I have the string padding for the next stage.