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Ravenclaw shawl


A Harry Potter shawl for our Harry Potter mad friend, Becky. I didn’t catch up with Becky until this week she’s been away at university (& working) she’s just finished her exams ( hope all has gone well), it’s her final year so I thought she needed something special. 

I’m glad to say she really loved it. 

Yes,another Thank you shawl by the knackered psycho , I love the size of shawl from one ball of sock yarn. 


Becky’s birthday cake


Today we celebrated Becky’s belated 21st birthday & Christmas all in one. Becky’s is really into Harry Potter & is a member of the quidich team at Uni. So my castle cake tin has been put to good use. I used each house colour to add detail to each turret, the house shields I found on line, Becky’s really liked it. The girls took the chocolate cabin home to finish eating , let’s hope they enjoy it.

Geek-along: Harry Potter: Hufflepuff


It’s been back to school/ work this week! So I thought the Harry Potter block completed while on vacation would be appropriate. I’ve hardly had time to think this week, only one development day ( meeting day without kids) then a gradual on start over Tuesday & all years in on Wednesday. I’ve already been a rebel this week & let my year 7’s (11yrs old) light Bunsen burners! A quote from one of my new keen year 7’s ” I told my Mum I carried ‘fire on a stick’ & lit a Bunsen burner & it was awesome !”
For those of you who are not science teachers ‘fire on a stick’ is a lighted splint, bless. I still haven’t even met all my classes yet, but I have some really great girls this year again. A few have already said next week I’ll show you what I made over the holidays, so will look forward to that.
Today is craft day for me, ( leave school stuff to tomorrow) now what shall I do first?