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Hare watercolour


I have a new paint box, & I thought it was time to test it out properly. I really enjoyed painting over the last couple of days, although I’ve realised a finer brush would be nice for adding details such as whiskers.




Digging around in my craft room/ studio I found a new box of pearl watercolours. Another one of those things I brought while I was teaching & then put away when time run out.

We went for a lovely walk round our local nature reserve, we passed many teasels. We also had a beautiful sunset yesterday too. I was inspired to paint this

Rowing boats


This painting has been hanging around on my drawing board for a while, waiting for me to do the boats. It’s my first effort at them , although the third one from the top looks like it’s sinking, now I look at it in the photo. Oh well! Perhaps some flowers next as its getting summer like.