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The Vortex Block Cusion



My second paper pieced block. This is one had two parts to each square, I’m really pleased I managed to get the pattern on the deep purple fabric going in the same direction. 


Sun Ray Block CusionĀ 



Over the weekend I had a go at paper piecing, using a craftsy online class. I’ve tried paper piecing before & had lots of problems working out the size of the fabric to stitch & flip. I’m really pleased with the results. Here’s the other side.  


Now I need to find time to make the other 2 blocks! Then I can have a new set of Cusions on the sofa.  

School centenary quilt


The school quilt is finally finished, it’s been about a year since the start of the project.
I chose the Dresden plate block as your school badge is an aster. Our school colours are purple & green ( yes that’s right suffragette colours) with blue & white.
As you probably realise it’s a girls grammar school ( although we have a few boys in the sixth form)

Mum & I have mainly worked on the quilt, although a few members of staff & sixth form ( mainly my physics set) put some quilting stitches in.
I’m really happy with the finished result. The last time the staff saw it we were quilting round the blocks. I just hope they like it at school, & all the hard work will be worth it.
Please excuse the photos the only place I could find to place it in good light was the conservatory sofa.