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Hare hat finished


Finally Dave’s ( our physics technician) hat is done. He of course doesn’t know about it yet, but my fellow physics teachers do. I might save it until I have the lower sixth later on in the week or perhaps year 10 as he gave them some banter on Friday afternoon.
Why the hare hat, because Dave has no hair (he also owns a house rabbit donated by one of his daughters).
What else have I been up to, I’ve attempted odd count peyote stitch, on a Christmas snow flake design. However, there was very little contrast between the red & gold beads , so I lost my place in the pattern & then could not easily unpick it. I had ordered some more delica beads as I managed to order a mixture of round & delica beads last time.
School seems to be back with vengeance, marking is starting to pile up, I can not believe we’ve done 3 weeks already. I am still determined to spend some time crafting each week,