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Dragonfly cushion 


Done a bit more to the cushion cover. I still need to track down some silver thread, that I’m rapidly running out of. 


What’s on my frame.


Canvas stitches, still working through them, I have now turned the frame round & started working on the other end, I have only done a couple to nothing much at that end yet. 

My school planner is finished & I’ve been doing a fair amount of planning this week

Yes the school bags are out Luna is guarding them. Next week I’m in school every day ( I have training on my day off☹️). She will be watching at the window all next week for me to come home, the second week she won’t even bother to get up & see me off & by the end of September she will know my work pattern better than me. 

Dachshund project 


Look her new project looks like me! I do like to take her scarf & take it too my bed. 

She has a new project case & frame, it’s too big & I can not get my head on her lap, if it comes to it I will have to gnash those wooden structures, when she is not looking.  I do like the colours, it is the same colour as me. 

Canvas stitches


My next royal School of needlework module is canvas work, I have a few ideas, but before I start designing I thought I would try out some stitches, on some spare canvas. 

Left to right they are; Slanted Gobelin, Byzantine, scotch & condensed scotch. ( in the book I’m using)

I have many more to try out!!

SAL: July update


It’s been a long three weeks & apart from finishing my Jacobean piece for the royal school of needlework, I haven’t done much, ( that’s apart from school stuff, kids reports mainly, I do not understand why one kids report is ok, and another’s is not, what do I know, I teach physics!) , it did get me down in the end. It’s done now, & I will move on.

I managed to get a little stitching done after Claire’s reminder appeared. I only have one more to complete after this one.

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