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Gold work puffin: string padding

Showing felt & strong padding for gold work

The padding for the metallic threads is finished. The white area will be silver & orange area gold.

I’ve also been thinking about the basket weave pattern for the chest, the face & beak. I have acquired some rather nice red & black metallic threads for the beak & some iridescent gold leather for the feet & iridescent silver for the cheek. I’m glad I’m sampling & working designs & stitches out for myself, with a little help from my tutors.

Luna is finished

Silk shading of Luna

After 2 & a bit years I finished stitching Luna this morning 🤗. It’s been a long journey & there have been times, I’ve nearly given up, worked on other modules, I’m so happy the stitching is complete. I now have to mount her, get my paper work done & get her in for the summer assessment period.

Gold work Puffin: phase 1 felt padding

Final felt layer

Last week was a long week, I tested positive for Covid 😤 , today I’m negative 🥳, all except for a cough 😕. So other than a bit of crocheting & hand quilting very little got done. This morning, feeling much better I finished the layers of felt padding. I have the string padding for the next stage.

Flying colours quilt

Flying colours quilt top

I finished another quilt top this week. We found a pack of charm squares the collection appeared to be called Flying Colours it was by Moda, I have no idea how old it is. It was another of Mum’s building work/ house renovation finds. I didn’t quite have enough charm square for what I wanted to do, but luckily I found some in our charm squares box. I also found a piece of fabric large enough for the backing & I’m hoping it will fit the piece of wadding I have left over 🤞.