Forget me never shawl


First shawl for Christmas finished & ready to post!!!

The pattern is by the knackered psycho as part of her shawl club. The yarn is from unbelievawool, the shawl pin was hand crafted by crow house (USA). 

The recipient loves lord of the rings & game of thrones, so I’m hoping this will very much hit the spot. I’m quite safe as she doesn’t read my blog. 

She is always cold. I’m really glad this ones finished as it was quite large & warm& will soon be winging its way to Scotland with all the other birthday & Christmas presents. 

Finally Luna has a new t-shirt to share

If she ever sees one, she will bark at it & then run a mile. 

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  1. That shawl looks serious cosy, and sending a pin too is very thoughtful; most people wouldn’t think of it. Love the idea of Luna as a zombie deterrent; I expect she’s got quite a loud bark, so maybe that would be enough…

    • Thanks, Luna has a very loud deep bark for a dog her size, she saves it for people delivering leaflets in hoodies, she hates them. Postmen & people delivering parcels or shopping have a different bark. One postman carries dog biscuits, he’s her favourite.

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