Earth silk scarf


I’ve been busy today, now it’s cooler, silk painting. This is the second one today. I love the brown, tan & peach colours. I tried salt flakes today rather than table salt. It created a very different effect.

I sat under the shade of our large hazel tree, to rub the salt off, that’s when I realised I should call this scarf Earth.



We visited Lyveden, an Elizabethan lodge in Northamptonshire (UK)

Around the outside it has religious insignia, & the lodge is in the shape of a cross.

I made it up the metal spiral stair case, so my knee must be improving. It was worth it for the view.

Even I had to duck down to get in & out

Around the tea room & shop they had started working on a wild flower meadow, we walked through a lovey orchard to get to the lodge, with loads of brown butterflies. They also have a labyrinth, but my knee was not up to the steep slope, may be next time.

We can recommend the cherry 🍒 ice cream, it was certainly a nice reward for the walk to the lodge & back.

Swiss garden


We’ve been out & about, after a walk round the aeroplanes at the Shuttleworth Collection (UK) , we had a walk around the Swiss garden.

I have no idea what this tree is but it’s leaves have so much texture

The garden has a little Swiss Cottage at its centre

A tiny chapel

Yes, a rare photo of me.

With stained glass

Further round the walk we came to a grotto, I do not remember it from our previous visit, so it must be a more recent restoration

More beautiful stained glass

We carried on exploring to find a gem of a little shelter, while it rained, making it very humid

I’ve certainly gathered a lot more embroidery inspiration

The vintage aeroplanes & vehicles were nice too, but for me it was the garden. Unfortunately we’re didn’t see the elusive peacocks, we saw a tail in the distance.

Queen of hearts bag

Clam up bag in Tula pink’s curiouser fabric

I joined Lovely jubbly fabrics bag makers club, the first pattern challenge was clam up from by Annie

Getting the stabiliser & fabric layers together
Sewing around the edge & bottom fold lines
Getting the zip in, tricky, but easier than I thought it would be
Putting side flap things in, easier said than done.
The second side was tricky, but I trimmed a bit of the fabric away, so my poor sewing machine didn’t have to get through so many layers
Sewing up the base/sides
Binding in place ( this is the better looking side)

New yarn


My undyed yarn has arrived from world of wool today. I’ve got two different types, the whiter one is Dorset long horn & the other is New Romney , I thought I would get something local. They have a certain sheepy smell, they do smell different from each other. There was a big choice of British wool, it’s difficult to know where to start. I’m thinking of dyeing three hanks of each colour way.

This week I’ve persuaded my husband to sort through his models & modelling stuff. He has so much squirrelled away in the loft, there are so many boxes coming down, I think it will be next week before I can even think about yarn dyeing. The good news is, it’s making me work of my Puffin embroidery.