Wandering around the garden


It’s been a while since I last shared photos of my garden.

I still have plants needing a home. My back garden is an L shape, I’m trying for a jungle look.


SAL update: May


Aladdin is finished & on to the next one.

The next ones not that exciting yet, that’s a barn in the background.

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HeidiJackieSunnyHayley, Tony, Megan, Timothy

Twirls & Swirls: Beaded scissor keeper


I’ve finished my scissor keeper, it was a kit by Lorna Bateman. I added the ribbon to make sure the expensive gold work scissors did not go missing or get used for other things.

I designed the back my self.

I still have the thimble keeper to make, I thought it might be good to keep the beeswax in. I have another couple of Lorna Bateman kits waiting too.

SAL update: April


Wind in the willows is finished & I’ve made a start on the next one.

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Preparing for gold work


For my next module with the royal school of needlework I have chosen gold work. As I have not had much experience of working with gold thread, I thought it would be a good idea to try it out. I copied my design on to a spare piece of silk, & I have been working on the felt padding before, the real thing, there are four layers of felt under that hare.

Layers 1&2

I hope it’s ok & I can get started on the ‘best’ one. I was asked to come up with a name it’s going to be known as the ‘Hoo Hare’ , from the Hoo peninsula in Kent (UK).