Painted Lady Cardui buttery pupaeĀ 


They have all reached the pupae stage. The instructions said to leave them for a couple of days before transferring them to the butterfly cage. I nipped out to Homebase this morning & purchased a cheep house plant (& some other plants for the garden, well you know one must do there bit for the planet šŸ˜€, so that made the car journey worthwhile & Mum wanted some bits too)

I popped up the butterfly cage, made sure the plant was well watered ( adding some damp kitchen towel, in a small dish, hopefully keeping it damp). I had a quilting flower pin ready to pin the paper to the top. 

I gingerly removed the lid, & attempted to remove the paper. Nowhere in the instructions does it prepare you for what happens next! šŸ˜³ The pupae start to shake very violently!!! Only being attached to the paper with what looks like a very thin thread , I got them transferred, pinned in place & the lid zipped upšŸ¤“

I have nerves of steel, it must be the science teacher in me ( it was a piece of cake after catching 12 locusts for an experiment)

They did keep shaking for a bit. I suppose I wouldn’t want to be disturbed either, atleast they have stopped now. 

Penguins & caterpillarsĀ 


My penguin sketch for the North Atlantic aquarium near Alesund, Norway. Yes, these penguins have seen the northern lights!!  Great place to visit, there are strange fishes that live in our oceans, really makes you wonder what ‘evolutionary/survival of the fitness/ intelligent design ‘ processes are going on here. 

Back to the caterpillars here they are yesterday 

Look at the size of them. 

This morning they had started to hang from the top

It looks like we are starting the pupa stage this afternoon, they are changing colour. 

Holiday sketchingĀ 


Here’s the first stop on our recent holiday to Norway.  It was raining in Bergan, so luckily we had booked an indoor excursion to Trodhaugen, to visit the home of Edvard Greig. It was very interesting did you know he carried a small rubber frog in his pocket for luck. We also saw his composing shed/hut & listened to a short concert. 

Unfortunately you don’t get time to sit & sketch on these trips , so this sketch is from a couple of post cards (& it was lightly raining), I did paint it in our cabin, while sailing out of Bergan. 

An update on the little guys

They have really grown. 

Painted Lady cardui larvaeĀ 


Say Hi to the new ‘guys’ , yes, there are 5 very hungry caterpillars in their total environment living pot.  They are just setting in & happily munching away. 

Apparently I will not have to do anything until they pupate. I thought this would be a good trial run into butterfly keeping ( next spring??? If all goes well)

And now I suppose I wait for the butterflies??

SAL : August update


A return to my Zodiac sampler ( by clouds factory). I’ve been working away at the gas giant planets & big hearted Pluto ( yes it really does have a heart!) Next time I hope to have the inner rocky/ terrestrial planets finished.

If you would like to catch up with the others in this SAL group, please follow the links below ( I’ve been having problems with links working since the last wp update, so please accept my apologies if they don’t work)

Claire, Gun, Carole, Wendy, Avis, Kate, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina, Susan, Kathy

Up, Up & away


I stitched this little design while on holiday last week. 

The design is by the frosted pumpkin stitchery. I made it into a room fragrance sachet for a friends birthday, I’ve left the pretty ribbon for her to tie. She has cats, I just now hope she likes it ( I’ve just dropped it into her letter box). 

I will hopefully share my holiday sketching next week. Why does it take so long to sort yourself out after a weeks holiday?

Thank You Shawl


I finished my Thank You shawl before I went off on holiday last week, & packed it straight away. 

It really drapes well, & is a good size as it’s made from 100g of sock yarn. The pattern is one of the shawl club patterns by The knackered psycho. The yarn was from the Harry Potter yarn club by Suzie Plum, the yarn is Rita Skeeter. 

I do like yarn clubs as they force you to use colours you might not buy. I am very pleased with the result. 

Ps. I really must finish that dress , it’s been on ‘Betty’ for so long!