Saturday wildlife!


The ‘punky pillars’ or Garden Tiger Caja Woolly Bears are continually feeding & growing 

During the week the High Brown Firtillary pupae have hatched into beautiful butterflies 

This morning I managed to release some but 4 refused to come out of the cage or fly from my hand

Others will be released tomorrow morning. 

Luna & May made a small wildlife discovery in Mum’s garden this afternoon Luna: Hey May have you seen this?

May: what’s that , nose it a bit & see what happens 

Here’s what they were looking at

Baby spiders, yes Luna did nose it before we could hold her back

Yes those little spiders started moving in all directions! 

SAL: May update


Another one almost finished ( I just have a small part of the putter circle to finish) , also finished the stars for Taurus, these have been waiting a long time for me to return to.

Here’s my total progress

My surprise for my friends retirement, profess is a little slower here

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Garden Tiger Caja Wooly Bear caterpillars 


Here are the little ‘punk’ dudes, they are certainly living up to their woolly bear name, aren’t they. Don’t worry I did give them more food. They are busy eating all the dandelions in my garden, it’s getting harder to find some. My garden will soon be dandelion free. 

All the High brown fritillaries are now pupae 

They have been moved to their net cage ready for hatching. So watch this space. 

I’m getting tempted to order some more caterpillars, I will have to see what’s on offer & what I can easily feed.