Puffin head


Today I’ve started working on my gold work puffin embroidery again.

The head is finished, I’m going to return to the wing to add the plate and cut work ( lengths of cut wire) over soft string padding.


Dragon jewellery

Beaded dragon necklace

I’ve been busy beading over the weekend. I’ve finished both the dragon necklace & bracelet kits from spellbound beads. I’m afraid I couldn’t get the bracelet into the fancy shape it suggested, so I wrapped it round my rolling pin. One does have to get creative, to form a wrap around bracelet.

Dragon bracelet & necklace

Having got it into shape, I then had to work out how it could be posted to the family in Scotland with out it ending up a squished mess. That’s when I remembered I had brought those round tissues for the car. My niece can use the tissues too, so a win, win situation.

Sunset meditation shawl


I recently finished my meditation shawl, it reminds me of beautiful sunsets & sunrises. It’s made from 2 yarn cakes of sheepjees whirl. I started from the centre of one & then worked from the outside in on the second one. It really is nice & cosy, but light & not too heavy. It also fits nicely around my meditation cushion, to carry to my meditation group.

Landscape in acrylics


Earlier in the week I’ve been decorating the bathroom, the old picture didn’t fit with the new colour scheme, so I’ve decided to paint myself a new one.

It’s my first time using acrylics, I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

So far the sky & mountains seem to be working. The lower half still needs loads of work.

Bee necklace


It’s taken me a while to finish my bee 🐝 necklace, it’s not my own design, it’s a kit/book from Spellbound beads. I did make a couple of changes, in the way I connected the hexagons together & added an extra small flower. It was a challenge to make, but I really enjoyed making it. I’m about half way through making the matching bracelet.



Digging around in my craft room/ studio I found a new box of pearl watercolours. Another one of those things I brought while I was teaching & then put away when time run out.

We went for a lovely walk round our local nature reserve, we passed many teasels. We also had a beautiful sunset yesterday too. I was inspired to paint this