Found projects


The school summer holidays are a time for sorting things out ( & prepping for next year😐, yes I made a start this week). 

Organising my craft & school space/ box room, I came across this project I must have started it about 10 years ago, I found at least another 3 tapestry kits ( enough said), this was the most completed, so I thought I would work on it, I think I may have worked on it a few years ago, when it last surfaced. 

I’m working on the top lilac at the moment. 

I also found a part finished quilt ( block a month) it looks like I might have all the fabric & instructions. I’ve probably finished about 1/3 , it needs part unpicking & then it would be Ok. So I’m still thinking about that one at the moment. 

Tomorrow I ‘do’ the kitchen 😲, it needs a real reorganise & tidying. Friday is bin & recycling day, so all the rubbish can go straight away. I wonder if I will find anything odd lurking in the back of the cupboards. 

Dachshund project 2


We’ve been away on Holiday cruising around the British Isles, it was a great chance to see Orkney & Skye, as well as Southern Ireland & some other places we’ve been before. It was nice to get away & get some sewing done ( apologies to anyone I missed replying to). I didn’t enjoy this cruise as much as some of the others we’ve done as the passengers were a little older than normal ( I suppose that’s because we cruised round our own Island), it had a ‘waiting for God’ feel about it. It also rained most days, but I have had a well earned break & been fed rather too well. 

I’ve made great progress on Luna’s picture. I do wish people would leave you alone, without making stupid comments ( men of a certain age & a few women) probably because I’m using a lap frame in a bag, people don’t seem able to comprehend I’m sewing ( what they think I’m doing I have no idea) I would also be better off using a hoop too, sorry I don’t get this comment either. Most people thought I would finish the picture be the end of the cruise (seriously) or perhaps by the end of the month, they really have no idea!!

Finally if you are ever in the situation of lots of pathetic & stupid comments I suggest you reply. “You make your assumptions, I’ve already made mine!” . It really works, they wander off & leave you alone. 

Now to get on with the washing & I hope the Sun is shining all day & I can get it dry. I have already booked space on Mum’s washing line too. I wouldn’t be surprised if the water board isn’t listening for a leak at the end of our road. Off to hang another lot out. 

SAL: August update


Only one more to go, should be finished next time.

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Dachshund project 


Look her new project looks like me! I do like to take her scarf & take it too my bed. 

She has a new project case & frame, it’s too big & I can not get my head on her lap, if it comes to it I will have to gnash those wooden structures, when she is not looking.  I do like the colours, it is the same colour as me. 

Canvas stitches


My next royal School of needlework module is canvas work, I have a few ideas, but before I start designing I thought I would try out some stitches, on some spare canvas. 

Left to right they are; Slanted Gobelin, Byzantine, scotch & condensed scotch. ( in the book I’m using)

I have many more to try out!!

SAL: July update


It’s been a long three weeks & apart from finishing my Jacobean piece for the royal school of needlework, I haven’t done much, ( that’s apart from school stuff, kids reports mainly, I do not understand why one kids report is ok, and another’s is not, what do I know, I teach physics!) , it did get me down in the end. It’s done now, & I will move on.

I managed to get a little stitching done after Claire’s reminder appeared. I only have one more to complete after this one.

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