SAL: March update


Still working away, another one done.

Here’s my progress to date.

Please check out, the progress of the others in the group. ( if you wish to join the group please contact Avis)




Welsh beauty: a return 


It’s been a while since this project has been worked on, over a year at least. I noticed it in my craft room, pulled it out & I have been working away. I still have lots to do!!! I will try not to wear a hole in my finger, I’m not good with thimbles & leather finger guards drop off. 

Anyway hand quilting makes a mindless stitching change. 

Moth pupae 


This week I’ve been setting up my moth pupae out for spring pupating ( or hatching), in a small net cage. I have a larger cage & I am now wondering if that might have been better. 

Here are the occupants 

A cinibar moth & an orange tip ( below)

And now we wait…..

Meanwhile, my willow food plant is now growing in the conservatory. I have yamamai silk moth eggs stored in the fridge, I’m going to keep them there until the willow outside starts to bud.