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Starting yarn dying


Today has been a learning day, I’ve channelled my inner science teacher, making 1% acid dye solutions & dying yarn. It was so much fun. I like that slow cooker much better now it’s been repurposed for yarn dying.

Hopefully the red & blue yarn will soon be done & they can join the others.

I’m hoping this might make me another sales line, it’s a bit different from the embroidery, quilts. It’s certainly easier on the fingers, although they are slightly multicoloured now ( yes I did wear gloves). What do you think?

Summer solstice


Yesterday evening we went to the Eternal Lakes Nature reserve, in Kent (UK), it’s a well kept secret 🤫. We watched the sunset, over the chalk pits, in their recently made stone circle, we joined in with the cacao drinks, meditation & listened to the drumming. Next time we will have to take part. It was just lovely & peaceful, listen to the birds.



Yesterday was embroidery day at Hampton Court Place, on my lunch break I found these beautiful swans & their cygnets, 8 in total.

I also stocked up on my gold thread, so I can keep busy over the summer.

Puffin eye

Eye design in silver, red & black metallic threads

I’ve been busy working away on the upper part of the head & eye. I’m really pleased with the look of the finished eye. I hope it’s going to look even better once the silver leather cheek is in place.

I’ve now got to start working on the beak design, I have various metallic threads & machine threads to help me create a stylised, but natural looking beak. This is definitely going to need working out on the practice frame, I hope to have something suitable for my tutor to comment about on Friday.

Wing area in progress

The wing area is still in progress, unfortunately I ran out of the gold passing thread I was using, so I hope the RSN still has the same reel & I can get some more of the same. I didn’t like to start the next part of the wing, just in case it’s not exactly the same & it notices. It was nice to have a break from pulling all the way through the layers of carpet felt & especially plunging the ends through, I had quite sore fingers at one point.

Primula & chrysanthemum quilt


I’ve finally taken the plunge & opened an online shop with Folksy, called the Sunshine Stitchery studio. I’ve had lots of self doubt, is my work good enough, will anyone want it, all that sort of thing….. and this week I did it.

I got my self some rather snazzy quilt labels & renamed the quilt I made a while ago. I think it’s going to be a very steep learning curve. Like everything I guess perseverance will be required.